The Illumine Therapy Team:


Kristi Keding, LCMHC


You aren’t afraid to stand out!

You smile and can laugh a deep belly laugh. Your internal and external world match and you think to yourself, “It has been a long time.” The sun rises every day, and you know that life, influence, and strength burn through you. You are resilient and made it!

Just one problem:

Your life doesn’t quite look like this. . . 

You want it to, and you know things can be different.

You have had moments where you feel it in your heart and have seen glimpses of hope but. . . 

You’ve tried doctors, you’ve read the books and talked to friends, but things aren’t changing. You need an expert who truly knows what it takes to help you not only find relief but to find your way into a better life. 

I’m Kristi, and I serve people in-person, in Ogden, and online in Utah. I help great guys feel more and numb less. I work with intelligent women who have gone through the wringer and want more out of life. I help fantastic big-hearted loved ones who are overwhelmed and angry make space for love again. Ultimately, I help individuals become more integrated and connected! 

I graduated from college, unsure what I was going to do, and landed a mental health prevention job with at-risk youth. During this period, I had an excellent mentor who guided me to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor. At first, I questioned her and the suggestion. I had seen therapists in my life but never thought of becoming one because let’s be real, aren’t they a bit odd and nerdy! 

Through this journey, I now know and believe why she guided me on this path.

I have experienced attachment disruptions and trauma, and I know the struggle these things pose. I understand the depth of pain they cause and the limiting beliefs that occur. I also know the healing power therapy provides and the real hope that can come from working on yourself. I have experienced this and have now helped many others over the past decade experience what they needed.

I have had many personal and professional experiences shape and shift my therapeutic approaches. However, the one constant remained the therapy room and what the space signifies. The couch is ready and waiting!

Join the journey! Call for a free 15-minute consultation or head on over to the schedule link and get on that calendar.

Virtual Assistant


My Background:

I hold an Associates Degree from BYU- Idaho, with a focus on early childhood education. I am married with 3 children that span from junior high to college. I am actively involved in the community serving as the President of the local high school PTA while also volunteering at the junior high. In my spare time, I read, play the piano and sing, travel as much as possible, and hang out with my family.

My Role:

I will be answering the phone when you call for an appointment. I will help schedule an initial phone consultation with Kristi and will also work with you to determine future appointments that work best for you and your therapy schedule. I will try my best to answer any questions you have and to coordinate therapy for your needs.

Professional Training & Certification:

Brainspotting Certified Practitioner – 2020
Betrayal Trauma Trained – 2019
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trained – 2018
EMDR Trained – 2016
Beyond Trauma – 2014
PTSD Seeking Safety – 2012
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Trained (SAPST) through CSAP – 2011
Strengthening Families – 2009
Too Good for Drugs and Violence k-12 – 2009

Clinical Experience:

January 2015-Present
Clinical Director
I still currently manage the young adult male program with individuals facing substance disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and trauma. I do individual sessions as well as groups. In this context, I also conduct parent coaching calls and help parents with boundaries, emotional attunement, and communication. I also provide family therapy with the young adult and parents processing family dynamics, accountability and moving forward.

November 2011-December 2014
Evening Outpatient Director
Managed the evening Intensive Outpatient Program with 8-12 participants facing addiction. I ran three hour therapy group, three nights a week and did individual sessions. Individual sessions were focused on depression, anxiety, PTSD and shame.

March 2012- October 2012
Recovery Specialist
Worked with female youth who struggled with substance misuse, child and family conflict, depression, anxiety, and body image issues. I assisted clients with building a sustainable life focused on belief systems.

August 2008 – October 2011
Prevention Advocate Facilitator Worked with at risk youth ages 13-17 and their parents who struggled with truancy, substance misuse, child and family conflict, and anger issues.

Professional Internship & Volunteer:

First Step House, Salt Lake City, UT 4/2011-5/2012
First Step House is a residential substance disorder treatment facility. I interned working with the adult male population facing dual diagnoses.

Volunteered at the Veterans Hospital conducting PTSD Seeking Safety groups.

The University of Phoenix Counseling and Life Center, Murray, UT 11/2011- 2/2012
Provided free counseling services to the community. I focused on couples counseling and the female population.

Academic Training:

Masters of Professional Counseling, CACREP Accredited
University of Phoenix – Salt Lake City, Utah Campus

Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Studies
University of Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah Campus