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Your Guide To Mental Wellness

Trauma and PTSD  I  Drug and Alcohol Counseling  I  Anxiety and Stress  I  Low Self-Esteem


Trauma often manifests itself in subtle ways, throwing off your sense of daily routine. You may be unable to relax, always waiting for the worst to happen, or constantly flooded with intrusive, negative thoughts.

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Trying to care for your loved one has probably left you feeling exhausted, worried, and even guilty. You may blame yourself for their troubles, asking: Where did I go wrong? What could I have done to keep them from feeling so miserable?

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Substance Use

You are exhausted and wish you could run. . . .

You are the man who looks like you have it all together, but the depression and burnout leave you trying to escape from it all. The weight of what you carry is more than you can bear.

You are the woman who has experienced cumulative adversities, leaving you unable to feel safe and secure. You can’t trust your relationships or yourself because the pain clouds you.

You are the loved one who is tired from taking care of someone who is struggling. It feels like it has taken extreme measures to get your loved one help. You still aren’t sure it is going to work.

You are the individual who has urges and a pull towards drugs to get emotional relief. It is not the behavior you thought you would get stuck in, and the consequences keep building.

Before you muddle through another day, what if. . . .

Burnout becomes a thing of the past.

You can trust yourself and people again.

You can get through this.

You don’t have to reach for drugs to get relief.


This is where I come in.

I help individuals who have faced trauma, professional burnout, drug and alcohol counseling, and healing for the loved ones who support them.

Many clients come to me because their patterns keep impacting their relationships and life in ways that leave them feeling more alone.

Together using a brain-body based therapy, Brainspotting, along with compassion and mindfulness, you will find space to breathe, think, and feel your way towards more peace.

You will feel more comfortable in your skin and confident in how you think and share those feelings.

I am here to help. Call today for a free 15-minute consultation.